Albert Smith Signs Survived Cyclone Debbie!

Cyclone Debbie literally crashed into the North Queensland coast causing widespread havoc and chaos with winds of up to 275km per hour accompanied by monsoonal rain.

Just the week prior to Debbie we had completed the installation of the Woolworths Bowen branding and signage.

Our recommendation and customer support  to manufacture their building signage in aluminium instead of the originally specified acrylic ensured our Permasign 3D letters withstood the extreme weather conditions generated by the cyclone. The area copped an absolute battering -  A war zone” in Bowen with powerlines down, roofs off and extensive damage according to Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox.

At Albert Smith Signs we have manufactured and installed Permasign 3D letters and graphics for numerous companies across a range of industry sectors and locations across Australia.

Exterior building signage must be able to withstand harsh and even extreme weather conditions - and our Permasign 3D letters did just that!

Permasign 3d letters are perfect for all your signage requirements – internal or external building signs, illuminated signage as well as non-illuminated. You can choose from a range of sturdy and durable materials and components such as acrylic, poly carbonate, steel aluminium and vinyl – all able to be illuminated with LED technology. Permasign 3D lettering also provides the flexibility for a choice of fonts, designs, shapes and sizes. Being computer generated all Permasign 3D letters are extremely cost effective, consistently the same and can be reproduced perfectly every time.

Need your building signage and branding to withstand extreme weather conditions?

Permasign 3D building letters are your solution!

Permasign Letter
Woolworths Permasign Building Signage
Wind damaged signage