How does Brandcare perform sign installation?

Brandcare is a specialist sign installation team managed by a dedicated Brandcare Manager. Our expertise encompasses a host of sign installation types, from the signs adorning the tallest building to the smallest directional sign. Our Brandcare Manager and team assess each project requirement as unique, as no one plan strategy fits all projects. Communication is the key and our priority for all projects. Our Brandcare Manager and team advise, assist, plan and structure your project with you. Your project is unique to you and treated accordingly.

Does Brandcare employ its own teams?

Brandcare teams are made up of experienced specialists in their field who are Albert Smith Signs sub-contractors. Brandcare installation and maintenance scope of works and the skills required to perform these works dictates this strategy. All contracting teams are fully accredited through our Brandcare Contractor Accreditation Programme and managed by Albert Smith-employed Brandcare Managers. Our Brandcare accreditation includes all mandatory insurances, required skill sets and experience in full scope of signage products as well as equipment usage. Brandcare Contractor Accreditation eliminates the risk.

Does Brandcare operate safety?

Safety is our number one priority and requirements may differ from site to site and project to project. All projects are assessed with a safety plan set in place. Safe work method statements, licensed equipment operators, construction industry safety accredited as applicable to state and or territory, electrically safe tools and protective clothing are mandatory for all works. Brandcare manages a safe environment.

What quality safeguards and assurances do I have when contracting Brandcare?

A dedicated Brandcare Manager is responsible for every project. They oversee our contractor team, ensuring quality and safety plan implementation. No project is considered complete until formally approved – works must meet the expectations of our customer or his/her representative. Our Brandcare Manager is always at your service and is responsible for assuring quality and your complete satisfaction.

Can I extend my product warranty and how do I go about it?

Yes, you can extend the standard warranty and generally warranties are extended to five years on most elements, subject to final analysis of products to be maintained. We have some warranties extended to 10 years. Brandcare can assess your warranty requirements and recommend accordingly.

If my sign is not under any maintenance agreement and I need maintenance, does Brandcare offer an on-demand service?

Yes. Brandcare provides a highly successful Australia-wide maintenance service covering all signage requirements. Call-out response time varies, although our objective is to respond within 72 working hours from request. In the case of an emergency, response time is to suit your need. A maintenance quotation is generally provided the same day; however, this may vary dependent on requirements.

Are Brandcare teams able to work in all environments?

Yes, although accreditations are often required before any works are able to commence. Oil company sites are one such example. No Brandcare team is deployed to site until all required accreditations are known. Brandcare includes oil company site accredited teams as well as other specialist requirements. Brandcare customer service is able to assist you with your special environment needs.

Does Brandcare carry out insurance work?

Yes. We supply most specialist parts to assist repair as well as skilled tradespeople to carry out your works. We work directly with the insurer or the insured – whichever best suits the need. Ask Brandcare customer service for assistance with your insurance repairs.