Ensuring Brand Integrity

Quality branding delivers a message to your customers of a quality business. Your site branding reflects your business, and regular maintenance will ensure that your asset remains looking its best.

Protecting your Investment
Your identity investment has a balance sheet value to you and failure to protect your investment decreases that value. You wouldn’t buy a new car and never clean or maintain it; the same discipline should be applied to your signage.

Public Protection
You have a legislated duty of care to protect your customers and the public from harm. With lack of maintenance, the harm can come from structural failure, electrical failure and fire damage.

Degradation Prevention
Don’t wait for a problem - prevent it. Prevention is definitely more cost effective than cure, and regular maintenance helps assure prevention.

Light Loss Factors
Fluorescent lamps dull significantly over time due to a number of reasons, including dust and dirt accumulation. Regular maintenance will ensure colour and light uniformity so your business remains looking its best.

Lamp Mortality
Statistics show that 50% of lamps will fail well before their full-expected life and the more lamps that fail, the less light will be delivered, leaving a bad impression of your brand. Regular maintenance will ensure minimum failure rate and is more cost effective, with fewer interruptions to your business.

Site Specific
A preventative maintenance programme is tailored to suit your business needs, taking all aspects into consideration such as location, access, environmental, safety, etc.