Innovative Architectural Elements for your Building

Shopping centre site specific architectural features open many opportunities for innovative branding, and Albert Smith Signs is there with innovative solutions! 

We design, manufacture and install ground breaking identity solutions that push the boundaries of what people expect from branding and signage. We have produced entry statements, building facades, entry foyers, illuminated walls and ceilings and many site-specific architectural features.

In our metal department we manufacture creative and practical solutions that include design development, engineering and manufacture. This provides proven low-risk solutions in the delivery of both small and large scale  projects.

The facade cladding, surrounding the main entry, is an architectural feature of our  recent shopping centre project. Manufactured using aluminium perforated sheet, folded to customer specific  design and powder coated with a mother of pearl finish. The aluminium  cladding sheets were fixed to support  mounting angles which were then attached to a steel frame on the building facia.

 Needing innovative architectural identity solutions designed, manufactured and installed with expertise?

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