Lighting the Way

Our recent ASTech project at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital was in partnership with davisthomas – Lubi Thomas and Adrian Davis. Lubi’s creative and artistic practice with Adrian’s engineering, fabrication and design skills form a dynamic, creative, artistic team.

Their Arts practice is primarily sculptural and installation focused. Their ideas driven collaboration produces artwork in a diverse range of materials, scales and locations.

Albert Smith Signs designed and vacuum molded the opal acrylic pod inserts in two pieces to allow for the internal inclusion of our ASTech Lightwall, for pod illumination. The light source used was an SMD RGB LED with super luminous flux, large viewing angle with even lighting and high color consistency. They are energy saving, have a long life span of 50,000 hrs and waterproofed to be in an outdoor environment.

The lanterns following the pathway were illuminated with 200 meters of LED contour strip with the inclusion of weatherproof junction boxes. Each cell of lanterns was fitted with a DMX wireless transmitter that communicated with a receiving node to provide in sync and speed of illumination to all of the lanterns.

Albert Smith Signs take a holistic approach to the illumination of architectural projects, regardless of scale, materials and location achieving a successful outcome for the artist and the community. We deliver creative and practical illumination solutions and our offer includes consultation, concept design, design development, documentation, logistics, installation, maintenance and project management throughout. To view additional architectural projects manufactured and illuminated by Albert Smith click here.