Pylon Sign Installation

Pylon Sign Design and Installation

If you want to make your brand more visible, then there is no better way than with a pylon sign.

Pylon signs are a great way to attract attention to your business. They are strong and durable and can be designed to your specifications.

Let us help you get noticed with Pylon Signage

At Brandcare, we can handle everything from sign design to sign installation for your pylon sign. We have a team of experienced designers who will work with you to create a sign that is eye-catching and effective.

Whether you need a pylon sign for a petrol station, large shopping centre, supermarket, or other business, we can help. Our experienced installation team is here to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether you are looking to design, manufacture, or install a pylon sign, Brandcare has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Pylon Signage Installation

Albert Smith Signs is a leading provider of signage solutions, pylon signs, and installation and maintenance services. Our accredited signage installation teams handle all on-site activities including site surveys, installation of signage, scheduled preventative maintenance, and maintenance on demand.

Pylon Signage Maintenance

Installation of your new site signage is just the beginning. With our maintenance program you can relax and enjoy your new signs, knowing your signage can be maintained by our skilled team.

Installing Pylon Signs

There are 3 types of Pylon Signs to consider.

Covered Monolith Pylon signs

These large, covered pylons that you see at petrol stations are often called "monolith signs." These styles of sign can be identified by their bulky construction and lack any visible structure supports.

Single Pole Pylon Signs

Single pole pylon signs are often found at the front of fast food chains and supermarkets. These cost effective, highly visible symbols make them perfect for advertising your brand!

Twin Pole Pylon Signs

Twin pole pylon signs are a popular choice for shopping centres with multiple stores. These efficient and affordable installations allow the centre to swap out their sign when new tenants arrive, making them an ideal candidate in this type of environment!

We help you get approval for a pylon sign installation without all the stress

The process for installing a pylon sign begins with submitting engineer drawings to your local council. These plans are necessary before any installation work can begin and should satisfy the requirements of that particular authority in order successfully approve them as well!

At Brandcare, we take your brand seriously. From the products you build, to the customer service you provide - we understand that your brand is your most valuable asset. That's why we're dedicated to protecting and enhancing your brand with our high-quality signage products and design services.

Pylon Signage Installation for longevity

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